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homogeneous flooring

How to install homogeneous flooring?

Preparation Before you start installing homogeneous flooring, there are a few things you need to do to prepare the subfloor: Make sure the subfloor is level and smooth. If the subfloor is not level, you will need to use a self-leveling compound to level it out. Remove any loose or damaged materials from the subfloor. Clean the subfloor with a damp mop to remove any dirt or debris. Allow the subfloor to dry completely before you start installing the homogeneous flooring. Installation There are two main methods for installing homogeneous flooring: floating and gluing. Floating Floating is the simplest method

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pvc homogeneous flooring

What is PVC homogeneous flooring?

PVC homogeneous flooring is a type of flooring that is made from a single sheet of PVC. It is a very durable and versatile flooring that can be used in a variety of settings. PVC homogeneous flooring is also very easy to clean and maintain, which makes it a popular choice for commercial applications. PVC homogeneous flooring is made from a mixture of PVC, calcium carbonate, and other additives. The PVC is what gives the flooring its strength and durability. The calcium carbonate helps to make the flooring more resistant to scratches and dents. The other additives help to improve

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wolflor pvc flooring

4 Tips for Repairing PVC Flooring

PVC floor has been used for a long time, and various scratches and black shoe marks will appear on the floor, which will seriously affect the appearance. These conditions cannot be solved by daily cleaning. Renewal? It virtually increases the cost, and mastering some PVC floor repair techniques can solve this headache. 1. The homogeneous PVC flooring has scratches, which can be smoothed with a grinder, and then polished with wax to make it as bright as new. 2. Do not soak the PVC flooring with water. The cleaning agent, water and glue will easily react chemically, which will cause the floor surface to degummed or lift. Therefore,

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Chinese Wolflor PVC Floor (2)

The Key to Guarantee the Quality of PVC Floor

PVC floor with dust, moisture, anti-corrosion, anti-slip, wear-resistant, easy to install, easy to clean, easy maintenance, comfortable feet, green environmental protection and so on, PVC floor to meet the needs of customers in all directions. PVC floor prices from low to high, different prices are more important is to reflect the difference in floor quality. So what are the key factors that guarantee the quality of PVC floor? 1.New or recycled raw material Some manufacturers use recycled materials to produce PVC plastic flooring in order to save costs. The use of 100% of the new raw materials of the plastic

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China Wolflor Commercial vinyl flooring

6 Precautions for Installing Commercial Vinyl Flooring

With the maturation of the function of PVC floor products, it is applied on more occasions, especially in the commercial field, the use is more frequent. PVC commercial plastic floor installation is different from the traditional flooring, only understand the characteristics of this floor and installation matters, can do the right construction behind. 1. Commercial vinyl flooring is more suitable for places with high wear resistance, such as hospitals, laboratories, office buildings, corridors, staircases, stadiums, gyms, science and technology museums, exhibitions, pharmaceutical factories, buses, subways, train cars, etc. 2. Commercial vinyl flooring color pattern is rich, wood grain, stone grain,

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China Wolflor Commercial PVC Flooring Manufacturer

7 main features of Commercial PVC Flooring

Compared with civilian floor leather, commercial PVC flooring has obvious advantages in terms of aesthetics and service life. It is widely used in many commercial places such as hotels, hotels, offices, schools, and sports halls. What are the main features of Commercial PVC Flooring? 1.Wear-resisting compressive Commercial PVC Flooring Super wear resistance, impact resistance, no deformation, reusable, service life is generally 10-20 years. 2.Multicolor for Shopping malls The colors are rich and gorgeous, you can put together any puzzles, give full play to your creativity and imagination, and fully meet the individual requirements of designers and different users. Wolflor® commercial PVC flooring has hundreds

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China wolflor Homogeneous Flooring for hospital

Homogeneous Flooring -Which is the Best Choice for Hospital

Hospital is a medical institution for providing medical care services for people. Not only patients and the wounded came to the hospital, but also a number of pregnant women, maternity, newborn, and some people for medical examination. So the hospital for the environment requirements are relatively high, the general hospital ground use what kind of floor materials?   1.Green & Eco-Friendly The environmental protection of floor materials is critical to the medical field. In order to truly create a safe and environmentally friendly medical floor, floor materials that meet the medical environment must be used. The biggest advantage of homogeneous

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