7 main features of Commercial PVC Flooring

Compared with civilian floor leather, commercial PVC flooring has obvious advantages in terms of aesthetics and service life. It is widely used in many commercial places such as hotels, hotels, offices, schools, and sports halls. What are the main features of Commercial PVC Flooring?

China Wolflor Commercial PVC Flooring Manufacturer


1.Wear-resisting compressive Commercial PVC Flooring

Super wear resistance, impact resistance, no deformation, reusable, service life is generally 10-20 years.

China Wolflor Commercial PVC Flooring Manufacturer


2.Multicolor for Shopping malls

The colors are rich and gorgeous, you can put together any puzzles, give full play to your creativity and imagination, and fully meet the individual requirements of designers and different users. Wolflor® commercial PVC flooring has hundreds of patterns and rich colors, which are suitable for the requirements of different decorative styles. Whether it is warm, elegant, luxurious, classical, or popular decoration style, you can find the answer from the sample card. And there is no chromatic aberration, light resistance, no radiation, long-term use does not fade.

China Wolflor Commercial PVC Flooring Manufacturer


3.Comfortable foot feel for Hotels

The surface layer of compact structure and the high elastic foaming cushion layer are processed seamlessly, with strong bearing force and heavy buffer, and the glassware is not easy to break when it falls to the ground, so as to ensure the feet feel comfortable and close to the carpet, which is very suitable for the use of places with old people and children. And walk on hard ground material, the crural feeling is poorer, walk for a long time can ache and injure a crural bone.

China Wolflor Commercial PVC Flooring Manufacturer


4.Anti-skip safety for Offices

The smooth, flexible commercial PVC flooring will produce instantaneous elastic deformation under the action of local pressure, which makes the surface friction coefficient increase immediately, and it is not easy to slip when walking. On the other hand, granite, terrazzo, and floor tiles have a hard and smooth surface, and the surface friction coefficient is only 1/3 of that of plastic flooring. Pedestrians are prone to slip and fall. The only way to increase the size of the stone floor is the use of uneven surface structures. The floor glue used in office buildings is slip-resistant, but the negative effect of the uneven surface is that it is easy to accumulate dust. For hospital buildings, non-slip design is a functional requirement that requires special consideration, especially in pediatrics, elderly wards, and orthopedic wards. Plastic flooring meets this special requirement.

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5.Easy to maintain

Easy to clean, maintenance-free, not afraid of water and oil, dilute acid, alkali, and other chemical erosion, generally with wet mop cleaning can save time and effort. After installation without waxing, only general daily maintenance can be as clean as new.

China Wolflor Commercial PVC Flooring Manufacturer


6.Wide Usage

Due to the unique material and super performance of commercial PVC flooring, coupled with convenient paving, fast construction, and high safety, it is widely used in the medical and nursing environment, education environment, office space, hotel industry, retail industry, and light industry sectors. Dense public places.

China Wolflor Commercial PVC Flooring Manufacturer
7 main features of Commercial PVC Flooring 9


7.Light Weight

After installation, the weight 10 times lighter than wood floor construction, 20 times lighter than tile construction, and 25 times lighter than stone construction. It is most suitable for use in high buildings and office buildings with three floors or more. Reduce the load-bearing capacity of the building, ensure safety and convenient transportation.

China Wolflor Commercial PVC Flooring Manufacturer



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