6 Precautions for Installing Commercial Vinyl Flooring

With the maturation of the function of PVC floor products, it is applied on more occasions, especially in the commercial field, the use is more frequent. PVC commercial plastic floor installation is different from the traditional flooring, only understand the characteristics of this floor and installation matters, can do the right construction behind.

China Wolflor Commercial vinyl flooring

1. Commercial vinyl flooring is more suitable for places with high wear resistance,

such as hospitals, laboratories, office buildings, corridors, staircases, stadiums, gyms, science and technology museums, exhibitions, pharmaceutical factories, buses, subways, train cars, etc.

2. Commercial vinyl flooring color pattern is rich,

wood grain, stone grain, carpet grain should have, but also through the surface embossing presents three-dimensional and texture. But PVC floor is suitable for indoor use floor, not suitable for outdoor use, if the use of a semi-closed corridor, be sure to choose a good anti-aging floor, no matter how the floor will change color, polyvinyl chloride floor is not suitable for strong light exposure. If the irradiation site is chosen, protection must be done.

China Wolflor Commercial vinyl flooring

3. Commercial vinyl flooring has a lot of thickness.

The thicker the floor, the higher the price. Therefore, many people mistakenly believe that the price and quality of the floor and the thickness of the floor. The thickness and price of the floor depend on the input of raw materials, not the quality of the floor. The quality of the floor depends mainly on the wear resistance of the floor.

Commercial vinyl flooring wear resistance is divided into F, M, P, T four grades, F layer wear resistance is the worst, T layer wear resistance is the best. The wear resistance of the composite PVC floor is determined according to the wear resistance test of the floor. The pressure polishing test of the composite PVC floor was carried out by using this tool. The results show that the higher the grinding speed is, the better the wear resistance of the floor is.

There are two standards for testing the wear resistance of PVC floor (with base layer) in our country, one is a universal type, code G, the other is durable type, code HA. General floor wear resistance in more than 1500 rotation, durable floor wears resistance in more than 5000 rotation. The universal floor is only suitable for places with low abrasion resistance, such as clean rooms and homes, not suitable for use in hospitals, offices, schools, factories, and other commercial places. Commercial floors, or floors with about 10,000 revolutions of wear resistance.

China Wolflor Commercial vinyl flooring

4.Commercial vinyl flooring wear-resistant layer (composite) thickness can not completely determine the wear resistance of the floor.

The thickness of the wear-resistant layer of PVC floor is generally between 0.1 mm and 0.7 mm, a few are between 1.0 mm and 1.2 mm. Different manufacturers of floor, wear-resistant layer thickness, floor wear resistance is also different, the same 0.4 mm thick wear-resistant layer, some floor wear-resistant rotation 3000, some 6000 rotation. This mainly depends on the quality of the wear-resistant layer of different manufacturers. Can say the floor that has a high wear-resisting layer can have very good wear-resisting property, but it is not absolute.

5. Commercial vinyl flooring is made of PVC. Polyvinyl chloride is polyvinyl chloride,

which is plastic, and plastic doesn’t contain formaldehyde. But because the polyvinyl chloride is some smell, so PVC floor will also have a slight smell, but soon after the shop will be dissipated.

China Wolflor Commercial vinyl flooring

6. The color of commercial vinyl flooring is quite rich because the floor color is printed out,

so regardless of the manufacturer, the production floor, even if it is a model floor, the floor of different production batches may have color differences, therefore, in the purchase of time to be measured in advance, enough to buy, to avoid the purchase of different batches and produce chromatic aberration.


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