Homogeneous Flooring -Which is the Best Choice for Hospital

Hospital is a medical institution for providing medical care services for people. Not only patients and the wounded came to the hospital, but also a number of pregnant women, maternity, newborn, and some people for medical examination. So the hospital for the environment requirements are relatively high, the general hospital ground use what kind of floor materials?

China wolflor Homogeneous Flooring for hospital


1.Green & Eco-Friendly

The environmental protection of floor materials is critical to the medical field. In order to truly create a safe and environmentally friendly medical floor, floor materials that meet the medical environment must be used. The biggest advantage of homogeneous flooring is safety, environmental protection, low-carbon ecology, which is very suitable for the use of floors in the medical field. It uses 100% natural raw materials, does not add any recycled materials, and adheres to the concept of safe and healthy production. With the gradual popularity of environmental protection concepts, more professionals have begun to generally agree with the low-carbon environmental performance of homogeneous flooring, and it has also become a special elastic floor material in the medical field.

China wolflor Homogeneous Flooring for hospital


2. Antifouling and antibacterial

Homogeneous flooring surface has super anti-pollution and anti-chemical properties, and surface anti-bacterial process treatment, providing permanent sterilization and anti-bacterial treatment, to prevent the proliferation of microorganisms in the floor. For the hospital ground iodine, bloodstains, etc., with good protection, can quickly clean the stains, to avoid leaving marks on the ground. The homogeneous flooring of the hospital that uses roll material mostly, the operating room that the hygiene condition of the hospital requests high, can remove dead angle with roll material shop, assure sanitation is clean.

China wolflor Homogeneous Flooring for hospital


3. Resistance to wear and pressure

The heavy traffic of the hospital is more, and often has the medical cart to rub back and forth, to the ground wear resistance request is higher. homogeneous floor with a single structure, improve the thickness of wear-resistant layer, the use of a reasonable coefficient of friction, clever dispersion of walking pressure and shock absorption. For the medical field, the super-thick wear-resistant layer can withstand the use of dense pedestrian flow areas, in line with hospital laboratories and other ground use requirements.

China wolflor Homogeneous Flooring for hospital


4. Security

Homogeneous flooring with a single structure, the use of a reasonable coefficient of friction, as well as clever dispersion of walking pressure and shock absorption performance, to ensure the safety of walking, to ensure the size of permanent stability, and to ensure that the floor is not deformed, not damaged.  Good practicality and high cost-effective, especially suitable for large areas of the hall, corridor application area.

China wolflor Homogeneous Flooring for hospital


5.Wash and protect easily and use for a long time

Due to the large flow of people in public places, the ground needs to be kept clean at all times, which is difficult to maintain. The surface layer of the homogeneous flooring adopts PUR technology, which has good anti-fouling and waterproof performance, which can reduce the frequency of daily maintenance such as waxing and cleaning, and reduce the periodic maintenance cost; and through the fastening technology, the ground is durable and the life cycle of the floor is extended. Waste of resources.

China wolflor Homogeneous Flooring for hospital


6. Waterproof and non-slip

Homogeneous flooring surface has special anti-slip, and compared with ordinary floor materials, homogeneous flooring in the case of sticky water feet feel more astringent, not easy to slip, that is, the more water the more astringent. Therefore, in the hospital is the first choice in the ground decoration materials, in recent years in many new hospitals have been very popular.

China wolflor Homogeneous Flooring for hospital


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