4 Tips for Repairing PVC Flooring

PVC floor has been used for a long time, and various scratches and black shoe marks will appear on the floor, which will seriously affect the appearance. These conditions cannot be solved by daily cleaning. Renewal? It virtually increases the cost, and mastering some PVC floor repair techniques can solve this headache.

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1. The homogeneous PVC flooring has scratches, which can be smoothed with a grinder, and then polished with wax to make it as bright as new.

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2. Do not soak the PVC flooring with water. The cleaning agent, water and glue will easily react chemically, which will cause the floor surface to degummed or lift. Therefore, it is not suitable to have a lot of water, especially hot water for mopping. When stains such as ink, soup, oil, etc. appear, wipe it with dilute soapy water. If it is still not clean, wipe it with a small amount of gasoline until the stain is removed.

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3. The multi-layer composite PVC flooring has heavier scratches. If it follows the texture rules of the composite floor, you can try to repair it with the same color welding wire, or use the same color glass glue or sealant to repair it. As long as the colors are similar. If the scratches are deep or the texture is special, it is recommended to re-slip the damaged area and replace it with a floor of the same specification, model, thickness, and material. Before replacement, you can make a small design, whether it can be repaired by pattern splicing to achieve a beautiful effect.

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4. If the PVC flooring is stained with ink, soup, oil, etc., it must be mopped with clean water first to see if it can be wiped off. If it does not work, you can directly use detergent, soapy water, washing powder, etc. Mix the liquid to wipe until the stain is gone.


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