The Key to Guarantee the Quality of PVC Floor

PVC floor with dust, moisture, anti-corrosion, anti-slip, wear-resistant, easy to install, easy to clean, easy maintenance, comfortable feet, green environmental protection and so on, PVC floor to meet the needs of customers in all directions. PVC floor prices from low to high, different prices are more important is to reflect the difference in floor quality. So what are the key factors that guarantee the quality of PVC floor?

1.New or recycled raw material

Some manufacturers use recycled materials to produce PVC plastic flooring in order to save costs. The use of 100% of the new raw materials of the plastic floor with higher environmental protection, can be more effective in anti-aging, and therefore has a longer service life.

Chinese Wolflor PVC Floor

2.Total thickness and wear-resistant layer thickness of PVC floor

The thicker the total thickness, the thicker the wear-resistant layer, the more materials used in its production, the foot will feel more comfortable.

Commercial PVC floor surface has a special layer of high-tech processing transparent wear-resistant layer, its wear-resistant revolution can reach 300000. In the traditional ground material more wear-resistant laminate flooring wear-resistant rotation only 13,000, good laminate flooring only 20,000.


3.Production process

Is the use of scraping, calendering, different production processes, PVC plastic floor stability will also exist differences, the higher the stability of the better quality.

Chinese Wolflor PVC Floor


4.The quality of the printing layer

High-grade, more exquisite texture, printing quality directly determines the appearance of PVC vinyl floor. The PVC plastic floor of outstanding quality must be the design is rich and varied, the detail is clear.


5.Whether there is a UV layer on the surface

UV layer can not only protect against ultraviolet rays, but also has strong pollution resistance. Use UV surface treatment of PVC  floor than the use of UV more anti-pollution, day-to-day anti-dirty easy to clean.

Chinese Wolflor PVC Floor (2)


6.Glass fiber density

Wear-resistant layer, glass fiber layer and other raw materials, the better the density, the better the quality of the corresponding PVC floor.


7.PVC floor brand

The quality of each brand is different because of its positioning. A good PVC floor brand, the choice of raw materials, each layer of materials are considerate while using the appropriate production process to ensure product quality and project performance.

Chinese Wolflor PVC Floor (3)

Different brands, different quality. In addition under the same brand, there are different product series, at the same time under the series, there are different product thickness parameters, different width parameters. Naturally, the quality is different. So in the choice of time to pay special attention to product thickness parameters and wear-resistant grade, some places use products, can be from the quality and price to achieve the best point of contact.


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