Wooden Vinyl Flooring

Priority Solution for Schools, Kindergartens, Libraries, Offices, Shopping Malls, etc.


Wolflor®  heterogeneous PVC flooring is a novel synthetic floor material, which has been widely used in floor decoration projects.

From the material point of view,  heterogeneous PVC flooring is light, non-toxic, harmless, and non-radioactive. It is a green and light building material; in addition, it is a safe material because it is insulated and flame-retardant, resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, and does not deform when exposed to water.

From the performance point of view, heterogeneous PVC flooring is wear-resistant, and the polymer wear-resistant layer prolongs its life; it has strong anti-slip properties and can be astringent when exposed to water, which can relieve the worries of the elderly and children; it can resist impact and has toughness.

In terms of appearance and comfort, heterogeneous PVC flooring has novel designs, brilliant colors, and natural life. It can be assembled randomly to highlight individual colors; it not only produces no noise but also eliminates noise and achieves a mute effect. The foot feels comfortable and flexible. The construction of this material is convenient and quick, and the construction period is short.

On various occasions, heterogeneous PVC flooring has been widely used and deeply loved.In the shopping places of office buildings, there is a large flow of people and frequent walking, so the floor materials must have excellent wear resistance and durability; Secondly, the appearance of the material must be fashionable and gorgeous, with colorful colors to reflect the individualization of different places. heterogeneous PVC flooring can not only meet the above requirements, but also create a friendly and harmonious atmosphere in offices and shopping malls, inspire people’s enthusiasm for work and creative inspiration.

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