Priority Solution for Schools, Kindergartens, Libraries, Offices, Shopping Malls, etc.

Stylish Patterns and Colors => Natural pattern with carious colors, harmonized design of pastel - tone chip.

Excellent Durability => The original chip - inlaid's structure guarantees a uniform appearance during a lifetime.

Easy Clean UV Surface Treatment => Highly dense web-structured coating, uniquely strong resistance to contamination,easy cleaning and low maintenance cost.

Excellent Dimensional Stability => Less distortion with Glass paper- reinforced structure.

Anti - Bacterial => Clean flooring for hygienic purposes with anti-bacterial treatment.

Excellent Chemical Resistance => Specially customized surface coating reinforces chemical resistance.

wolflor wooden vinyl flooring

1. Easy Clean UV Surface Treatment

2. Super Strong Transparent Wear Layer

3. Multicolor Printing Layer

4. Stable Dimensional Layer (Glass fiber)

5. Core Layer (Compact, Acoustic)

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