China Wolflor Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring Manufacturers WL2501010



Directional Homogeneous


2.0 / 3.0MM x 2.0M x 20 M per Roll


Group T


Hospital, Healthcare, Clinic, Lab, Airport, Bank, etc.


Glue Down




CE / SGS / ISO9001/ISO14001


  • Commercial Flooring
  • Heterogeneous Flooring

Priority Solution for Hospitals, Healthcares, Clinics , Labs, Airports, Banks, etc.

Enhanced durability by high -density homogeneous layer

Upgraded homogeneous flooring with polyester membrane for easier installation.

Maintenance cost saving by strong resistance against scratch.

High-density PUR surface treatment allows strong iodine resistance and anti-bacterial effect.

The clean flooring for healthcare application with hygienic function against bacteria and fungi.

Phthalate & Heavy Metal Free, no hazardous ingredients used during production. Use 100% Phthalate free plasticizers only.

Wolflor® Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring Manufacturers

will brighten up any area and add value to the customer experience, be it a hospital, healthcare, clinic, lab, airport or bank. You can choose from a wide range of designs and finishes in vinyl flooring.

  • Type: Non-Directional Homogeneous
  • Format: Rolls
  • Size : 20 ml x 2 m
  • Thickness:  2.0 /3.0mm
  • Wear: Group T
  • Installation: Glue Down

1. PUR™ Surface Treatment

2. Compact Homogeneous Layer

Technical Sheet

Professional European Standard manufacturing technique


Wolflor Value
Sheet Width 
ISO 24341 – EN426 
2.0 M
Sheet Length 
 ISO 24341 – EN426 
20 M
Overall Thickness 
 ISO 243416 – EN428
2.0 MM
Total Weight 
 ISO 23997 – EN 430
Wear Resistance 
EN 649
Group T
EN 13501 – 1
Bfl – S1
ISO 10140
3 dB
Slip Resistance 
DIN 51130
Residual Indentation 
ISO 24343 – 1 – EN 433
≤ 0.02
Dimensional Stability 
ISO 23999 – EN 434
X< 0.4% ,Y< 0.4%
Dynamic Coefficient of Friction
ISO 22196
Level 1

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You may want to know more details.

  • Wolflor® homogeneous vinyl flooring is a light-weight building material, which can greatly reduce the floor load and improve space utilization.
  • Wolflor® homogeneous vinyl flooring is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, harmless, and non-radioactive. It is a green product and the resources can be recycled.
  • Wear-resistant. Because the whole body is of the same pattern and material, the floor with this structure is recognized as the most durable among the elastic floor materials. It can be used in public places with large crowds, supermarkets, hospitals, etc.
  • Sound absorption and noise reduction, elastic floor material, not only does not produce noise, but also eliminates the noise between floors. It does not matter if you run or carry goods on it, it can create a quiet office or living space.
  • Moisture-proof, anti-mildew and antibacterial, and will not deform in water It is insect-proof and can be widely used in hospitals, nurseries and kindergartens.
  • Since the whole body is of the same pattern and material, it has strong resistance to scratches and cigarette butts burns. It is also easy to repair in case of large damage.
  • Comfortable walking, good foot feeling, soft, refreshing, elastic floor can absorb impact and relieve knee fatigue, providing more comfortable foot feeling.
  • Non-slip, elastic material, strong anti-slip performance, astringent when exposed to water, can relieve the worries of the elderly and children.
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