China Wolflor Cheap Sheet Vinyl Flooring HD6104



Compact, Acoustic


1.6 – 2.0mm, 2.2 – 4.0mm / 2.0M x 20 M per Roll

Wear Layer

0.10 -1.2mm


Home, School, Office, Library, Kindergarten, Retail, etc.


Glue Down




CE / SGS / ISO9001/ISO14001


  • Commercial Flooring
  • Heterogeneous Flooring

Priority Solution for Schools, Kindergartens, Libraries, Offices, Shopping Malls, etc.

Stylish Patterns and Colors => Natural pattern with carious colors, harmonized design of pastel - tone chip.

Excellent Durability => The original chip - inlaid's structure guarantees a uniform appearance during a lifetime.

Easy Clean UV Surface Treatment => Highly dense web-structured coating, uniquely strong resistance to contamination,easy cleaning and low maintenance cost.

Excellent Dimensional Stability => Less distortion with Glass paper- reinforced structure.

Anti - Bacterial => Clean flooring for hygienic purposes with anti-bacterial treatment.

Excellent Chemical Resistance => Specially customized surface coating reinforces chemical resistance.

Wolflor® high-quality Cheap Sheet Vinyl Flooring

will brighten up any area and add value to the customer experience, be it a school, kindergarten, library, museum, shop, office or sports hall. You can choose from a wide range of designs and finishes in vinyl flooring.

  • Type: Compact, Acoustic
  • Format: Rolls
  • Size : 20 ml x 2 m
  • Thickness:  1.50 – 3.50mm
  • Wearlayer: 0.10 -1.2mm
  • Installation: Glue Down

1. Easy Clean UV Surface Treatment

2. Super Strong Transparent Wear Layer

3. Multicolor Printing Layer

4. Stable Dimensional Layer (Glass fiber)

5. Core Layer (Compact, Acoustic)

Technical Sheet

Professional European Standard manufacturing technique


Wolflor Value

Sheet Width 

 ISO 24341 – EN426 

2.0 M

Sheet Length 

 ISO 24341 – EN426 20 M

Overall Thickness 

 ISO 243416 – EN4281.5 – 3.5MM

Wearlayer Thickness

ISO 24340
0.1 – 1.2 MM

Total Weight 

 ISO 23997 – EN 4302.0 – 3.5 MM

Wear Resistance 

EN 649Group T


EN 13501 – 1Bfl – S1
Sound  ISO 1014019 dB

Slip Resistance 

DIN 51130R9 Group

Residual Indentation 

ISO 24343 – 1 – EN 433≤ 0.2

Dimensional Stability 

ISO 23999 – EN 434X< 0.4% ,Y< 0.4%

Dynamic Coefficient of Friction

EN13893≥ 0.3


ISO 22196Level 1


You may want to know more details.

  • Wolflor® commercial vinyl flooring is more suitable for places with high abrasion resistance, such as hospitals, laboratories, office buildings, corridors, stairs, stadiums, stadiums, science and technology museums, museums, exhibition halls, pharmaceutical factories, automobile buses, subways, Train carriages and so on.
  • Wolflor® commercial vinyl flooring has rich color patterns, wood grain, stone grain, carpet grain should have, and can also show three-dimensional and texture through embossing on the surface. However, PVC flooring is suitable for indoor use, not suitable for outdoor use. If you are using a semi-enclosed corridor, you must choose a floor with better anti-aging properties. No matter how the floor changes color, PVC flooring is not suitable for strong light. . If the irradiation site is selected, protection must be done.
  • Wolflor® commercial vinyl flooring has many thicknesses. The thicker the floor, the higher the price. Therefore, many people mistakenly believe that the price and quality of the floor are related to the thickness of the floor. The thickness and price of the floor depend on the input of raw materials, not the quality of the floor. The quality of the floor mainly depends on the wear resistance of the floor.
  • PVC floor is made of pvc material. Polyvinyl chloride is polyvinyl chloride, which is plastic, and plastic does not contain formaldehyde. But because PVC has some odor, PVC floor will also have a slight odor, but it will dissipate for a while after paving
  • The color of Wolflor® commercial vinyl flooring is relatively rich, because the color of the floor is printed out, so regardless of the manufacturer, the floor produced, even the floor of one model, the floor of different production batches may have color difference, so when you buy It is necessary to calculate in advance and purchase in sufficient quantities to avoid color difference caused by different purchase batches.
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